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Duration of CLIB-GC ends, positive conclusions: The CLIB-Graduate Cluster Industrial Biotechnology ended after two funding periods at the end (...) more

GC-Symposium "From Gene to Protein and Beyond" 08 April 16 - Final Programme: The 7th annual CLIB-GC student symposium “From Gene to Protein and Beyond” is organized by the (...) more

Industrial collaboration at Bielefeld extended, 5 new scholarships: The Center for Biotechnology announces extensions of its long-standing and successful (...) more

20.08.2015: 6th Symposium "From Gene to Protein and Beyond": Doctoral fellows of the CLIB-Graduate Cluster Industrial Biotechnology & iGRASPseed (...) more

Two new alumni from TU Dortmund: Two of our fellows at TU Dortmund University have defended their thesis in the last days: (...) more

New alumna - summa cum laude Dr. Neufeld: We are pleased to announce that Katharina Neufeld from the CLIB-GC at the Institute for (...) more

Fellows from Düsseldorf organise symposium „From Gene to Protein and Beyond“: 18.09.2014 The 5th Symposium „From Gene to Protein and Beyond“ was again jointly organised by (...) more

GC alumnus Dr. Torsten Sehl wins Helmholtz Award: Dr. Torsten Sehl, alumnus of the CLIB-Graduate Cluster, won the Helmholtz Dissertation Award in (...) more

5th Annual Symposium “From Gene to Protein and Beyond” 18 Sep 2014: The CLIB-Graduate Cluster and iGRASPseed are pleased to announce their joint event organized by (...) more

Open PhD position within the CLIB Graduate Cluster at the University of Bielefeld. Deadline 10.04.14: Please find the two project descriptions for one open position below until 10th of April, (...) more

iGEM-Wettbewerb: „Vizeweltmeister“ aus Bielefeld : Viele Monate Laborarbeit, etliche Herausforderungen und am Ende Grund zum Feiern: Zehn (...) more

Save the date: 18.09.14, CLIB-GC & iGRASPseed - From Gene to Protein and Beyond: The next CLIB-GC & iGRASPseed Student Symposium “From Gene to Protein and Beyond” will take (...) more

Call for abstracts - Young Microbiologists Symposium at University of Dundee : This symposium is intended to bring together graduate students and early-career postdoctoral (...) more

The first two of our new batch of students have started: The CLIB-Graduate Cluster is now starting its second funding phase and our first three new (...) more

Poster prize for Anke Prudic: Anke Prudic’s poster on "Modeling phase behavior of solid dispersions - a thermodynamic (...) more

GC-Symposium Patents in Biotechnology : On March 11th, CLIB-GC fellows in Bielefeld held a symposium titled ’Patents in Biotechnology, (...) more

CLIB-Alumna Dr. Eva Trost wins award: On 13 February 2013, the Westfälisch-Lippische Universitätsgesellschaft presented awards for the (...) more

Thesis defense by Helena: On 31 January, Helena Barzantny successfully defended her thesis on "Elucidation of fatty acid (...) more

New application call to open: The CLIB-Graduate Cluster has been awarded funding for an additional period of three years and (...) more

GC-students donate to charity: Students from the CLIB Graduate Cluster Bielefeld held their annual Christmas party and charity (...) more